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Professional Look-n-feel
  • Entirely customizable look-n-feel
  • A lot of pre-designed jquery collapsible menu samples
  • Hundreds of visual effects
  • Custom CSS styles can be applied for all menu settings
Seamless Integration
  • Cross-frame support - menus work on frameset-based pages
  • Visible over flash, select boxes, iframes, java applets
  • Multiple menus on the same page
  • Amicable to other scripts and css styles
  • Any HTML code can be used inside menu items
Over Drop Down Menu Jquery Collapsible Menu
Cost Effective
Easy Setup
  • De Luxe Tuner. GUI interface to create your jquery collapsible menu menus easily and in no time
  • Sensible menu parameters for manual editing
Unrivalled Features
  • Scrollable, dragable, floating, right-click menus
  • Keyboard navigation - press Ctrl+F2 to enter the menu
  • Unique Java Script API for altering menu "on-the-fly", without page reloading
  • AJAX technology - loads menu data from the server "on-fly and on-demand".
  • Search feature - add the search area in the menu and type symbols. The found words will be higlighted.
  • Sound support!

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Javascript Menu. DHTML Menu.

  • Setup menu parameters manually or using De Luxe Tuner. Then add some rows of a code within html page code and your menu is ready!
  • Use special Java Script methods for: Dynamic changing of items (link, text, icons, arrows and even individual style!). Addition/removing of items or submenus. Disabling and enabling menu items. Getting the info on every submenu, menu, and items. Changing appearance of items. Other coding tricks.
  • Cross-frame mode lets you to construct full-featured dhtml menus on the pages with frames. But for all that frame set it's not necessary to insert any additional code into all the pages - just specify several extra menu parameters.
  • Ability to handle the menu from the keyboard via keystrokes.

Recent Questions

Q: Things are mostly working great. I want my menu to appear centered at the top the page. Here's the code:

<table style="text-align: left; width: 100%;" border="0" cellpadding="2"cellspacing="2">
<td style="width: 100%; text-align: center;"><script type="text/javascript" src="navbar.js"></script>

The table appears at the far left edge of the window. I tried with both absolute (x=20, y=10) and relative (both x and y unset) coordinates. Help!

A: If you want to center the menu paste itwithin the <div > or <table> with a static position and specify a center alignment for it, for example:

<DIV align=center>
<SCRIPT src="data/data.js" type=text/javascript>

<table width=800>
<td align=center width=600>

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